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New Scallop Blankets

New Scallop Blankets New Scallop Blankets

Definitely a vintage feel but also bold and modern, loving my new scallop blanket! I sketched it on a piece if scrap paper over a yea...

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Special Photoshoot with Lizzyography

Special Photoshoot with Lizzyography Special Photoshoot with Lizzyography

I knitted up two custom blankets as part of a very special lifestyle shoot by talented photographer Liz Williams of Lizzyography...

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Sweet ZZZ. 's

Sweet ZZZ. 's Sweet ZZZ. 's

  Finally! Excited to launch a new blanket design for both crib and bassinet sizes. Sabrina was just happy it was finally "phot...

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Christmas Knitting

Christmas Knitting Christmas Knitting

Can't wait for Sabrina to open her mama made gift! I sewed up matching nightgowns and knitted up some matching hats since she is v...

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Tiny blankets!

Tiny blankets! Tiny blankets!

After many requests I now make teeny tiny dolly blankets as well! Sabrina is in her glory and finds these much more exciting than the baby b...

XOX throw size blanket

XOX throw size blanket XOX throw size blanket

Big squishy XOX throw blanket will be available in-shop soon! This size is perfect for a toddler bed or for cuddling on a couch or comfy cha...

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XOX Blanket

XOX Blanket XOX Blanket

Love the design process! Working and re-working the pattern until after a bazillion swatches the design looks just right. Bassinet size will...

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Sabrina Sabrina

Sabrina is obsessed with Star Wars and calls herself Princess Leia, insists her Dad is actually her brother Luke, and well, I am...

About Me

Hello, I am Sandra van Katwijk, mama to 3 incredible girls and founder of Yarning Made. I combined my love for bold graphics, colors and knitting into a tiny line of modern and cozy blankets for baby, dollies, and the home. Each blanket is hand knit and finished in Victoria, BC. My blankets can be found on Etsy and design loving shops around the world. Thanks for visiting my blog!